Baker McKenzie advises the American company ServiceNow

Affiches Parisiennes

With Mapwise, ServiceNow provides employees with an internal mapping function when booking conference rooms and workspaces from their computers or mobile devices and moving around the company premises.

Mapwise features help workplace teams manage space projects based on application trends and dynamic real estate needs. To support flexible and dynamic workspaces, ServiceNow wants to integrate Mapwise functionality into Platform and Workplace Service Delivery package now.

MapWise’s mapping solutions, product features and engineers serviceNow will complement and enhance existing workplace service delivery services. (Management of Requests and Information) and Secure Workplace Package (Return to Office Management).

For this acquisition, ServiceNow was primarily advised by Baker McKenzie, under the guidance of the Parisian Group of Companies:
– For mergers and acquisition issues: Guilloo Nadaf, Partner; Samantha Savane
De Dolmasi, associate, milk fox, associate; Johanna Federspiel, legal expert.
– For social issues: Denise Prosper, Partner, Notage Dallas Partner; Lauren
Rocks, Associate and Adrian Leberon, Associate.
– For tax issues: Stephen Toyeb, partner; Robin Collier, co.
– For intellectual property issues: Natalie Marsand, Partner; Audrey Bowie,
– For information technology related issues: Maggie Danzac Le Clark, Partner
; Bernice de Wiley, co.
– For business issues: Lena Chersiron, partner; Manulla Roblet, co.
– For general legal issues: Arnaud Cabens, Partner; Christophe de Saint-Bern,

Baker McKenzie’s office in Santa Clara, California also participated in the event with partner Derek Liu and associate Dominic Mankuit.

Thomas Saldeal, partner for Joff & Associates Mapwise, consulted with a team of partner, Body Passcott and Charlotte Vientas.

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