After two weeks without contact with missions to Mars, NASA hopes to return to normal in the next few days:

After two weeks without contact with missions to Mars, NASA hopes to return to normal in the next few days:

It sounds like the plot of a horror movie in space. A few days ago, Mars was called the “solar link”. That is, at that moment when the red planet behind the sun is hidden from us. This happens almost every two years and for a few days, the interactions between the Earth and the gadgets on the Earth’s surface. Are interrupted. We have been in black for two weeks.

The question is, what will we find out when we return? In addition to the disruptions and delays caused by this, NASA expects distorted commands and unpredictable behavior from three orbits, two rovers, a lander and a helicopter. But Explore this event in detail now as we have more and more things It can tell us many things about what we can expect from future trips to the planet.

Isolated, but working

Darkness affects all companies traveling on Mars, But NASA is Described your plan in these two weeks. Also, to try to get the most out of it, he plans some tasks that devices can do without Earth monitoring and control.

  • PerseveranceCarries out weather measurements with ‘MEDA (Mars Environmental Dynamics Analyzer) and operates RIMFAX (Mars Radar Imager’ Surface Test) radar. He will continue to record sounds and videos of his surroundings since his arrival in February.
  • An old friend also does weather work.CuriosityIn addition to further photographic and climatic data, it will continue to perform radiation measurements with RAD (Radiation Assessment Detection) and DAN (Dynamic Albedo of Neutrons).
  • For its part, Lander Insight It will continue to study the Earth’s seismic scale with its seismic measurement and three orbits (Odyssey, Mars Observatory Orbiter (MRO) and Mars Atmospheric and Turbulent Evolution (MAVEN).
  • There will be one who does nothing ‘Intelligence’ helicopter. That is, it will report its status to the diligence each week, but it will not currently build new aircraft.

Two-week planetary retreat

Although Tuesday, October 7, was hidden behind the sun, the communication shutdown began five days earlier, on the 2nd. And while some tools and equipment appear to take another two or three days to recover, it will last until the 16th. As I say, this is a relatively common one. But that is the truth As we have more and more things on the neighboring planet, the problems caused by these two years of resistance are increasing the weight.. And they will earn more.

Especially if we are not able to build an autonomous infrastructure on Mars. It may be One of the best strategic discussions on planet exploration (and colonization): The tension between the need to create a technological node powerful enough to gain autonomy from the earth and the cost (social, economic and political) of this infrastructure.

For now, engineers from all the aerospace companies on Mars are waiting Learn about how this two week silence affects our plans. It is not small.

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