Waller and OVHCloud together offer a 100% sovereign solution

Waller and OVHCloud together offer a 100% sovereign solution

The time has come. On Tuesday, October 12, Waller, a French expert on social and collective platforms for companies and administrations, entered the most closed club of solutions that are compatible with the state’s preferred “cloud of hope” in the national strategy to accelerate the digital transformation of companies. For this, Waller has partnered with OVHCloud.

In detail, the Paris-based company will offer American Cafam’s alternative tools platform, such as its Waller 365 Office suite for Microsoft Office 365, its Big Bluepoton video conferencing solution, or its sons. Slack. For its part, Roubaix Hosting Infrastructure will provide certified SecCloudNum. In the service of the “centralized cloud” theory preferred by the state for management, they are too late in their digital transformation when faced with the challenges of modernizing the state and manipulating strategic data.

State “cloud” theory: major illness

A “cloud in the center” is finally 100% French

Unlike Microsoft’s “Trusted Cloud” offers with Orange / Capgemini, Google with OVHCloud and Google Thales, Waller and OVHCloud do not need to form a joint venture under French law to provide their joint solution. For good reason: both actors are tricolors. It’s actually a business agreement that allows Waller’s software solutions to integrate into a new offer offered by the National Information Systems Security Agency (ANSSI) on OVHCloud cloud infrastructure named SecNumCloud. According to our information, this offer will be sold by Waller and will be available from 2022.

“Our SaaS operating system is already hosted on OVHCloud servers, but these do not meet the requirements of the future cloud label with the confidence of the future cloud label. So we designed this new offer.

Thomas Farey, Weller’s CEO at the Law Tribune;

Coalition of Cocks between Waller and OVHCloud to the state, especially to Minister of Economy and Finance Bruno Le Meyer and Secretary of State for Digital Transformation, Gatrick O. National Strategy Last May, the two ministers did not have a word for the French cast in the cloud, which was formally dropped by several players in the field.

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The rag between the state and the French cloud players is burning

Worse: A week later, when Microsoft and Orange / Capgemini announced the first “trusted cloud” offer in response to this national strategy, Microsoft created a joint venture called Blue based on technologies, but legally established in France.Congratulations on seeing our national ecosystem collaborate with Microsoft“And call operators of essential services (OSE), administrations and startups”Climb“In blue.

As for the state, creating a joint venture under French law and obtaining the SecNumCloud label from ANC is sufficient for U.S. alien law to protect data and especially legal protection. This is why Blue, but the joint venture that was announced shortly after between Google and OVH Cloud, received the supreme anointing of the three governments announced last week between Google and Thales. The apparent contradiction to the use of American technologies at the center of their service delivery.

However, this notion of digital sovereignty is suffocating French cloud players, IT professionals and many experts in American extraterrestrial law. According to our information, the “cloud of hope” strategy is crushing a lot of teeth within the state, especially in Anci, the Digital Intermediate Directorate (DINUM) and the Directorate General of Companies (DGE). For these handsome men, the inability of the French to access the source code of the American software they provide reduced the value of the joint ventures to a simple compiler and left the data – data – to Kafam. More seriously, the policy of the joint venture certainly addresses the legal uncertainty regarding cloud law, but it does not address the FISA law applicable to technology suppliers.

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The dangers of avoiding an alliance between the two French Wallers and OVHCloud. If this solution is only available to administrations, Waller already has a foothold in it: the Paris start-up is already equipping some ministries, including communities and culture, the armed forces and higher education and research.