Microsoft asserts the right to repair

Microsoft asserts the right to repair

Good news for Microsoft product enthusiasts. Redmond has agreed to facilitate the repair of its products by third-party companies or customers. The first major step in favor of the right to compensation is being protected by more and more companies.

In June 2021, Microsoft partners filed a resolution with management urging them to seriously consider repairing their various devices easily. In other words, the investors wanted the company to guarantee the right to repair. This refers to the right of customers to repair their equipment themselves or by unofficial businesses.

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Microsoft has relinquished the right to repair

The resolution was filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), an NGO called As You Chow (a non-profit investor advocacy organization). In particular, he asked to see the company headed by Satya Nadella. Environmental and social benefits The brand’s devices should be made to be easily repaired.

Faced with this resolution, Microsoft revealed last week Christ. The American company has thus made a number of concessions. Among them, the promise to appoint an independent consultant to accurately study the instructions and ways to access the areas will also reduce the environmental impact of electronic devices.

These include minimizing electronic waste, making it easier to repair equipment, and therefore preventing them from being thrown away. The availability of some areas will be extended, and possibilities ” Local repair Will be facilitated.

In the presentation of the Surface Pro 8 Surface 2021 range

Computers such as the new Surface Pro 8 may be the first devices to benefit from Microsoft’s easy repair operations. Photography: Gregory Levy / Six Six Digital.

According to the study, Microsoft is committed to following the expected results by the end of 2022. ” This is an encouraging step provided by Microsoft », A pleasure Connected, Kelly McPhee, Waste Project Coordinator When You Sow. ” This Agreement will allow consumers to repair their Microsoft devices outside the limited network of authorized repair shops , She explains. Faced with the initiative of the technology companies, the NGO withdrew the resolution of the shareholders.

Positive economic and environmental impacts

Microsoft and Apple in particular continue to be cited as companies that do not provide repair solutions other than some official stores. The defense of this right has gained momentum in recent years to environmental and economic questions. Many consumers are discouraged by the lack of offers to repair their devices. Lack of concessions leads to higher prices. Then they (too) often decide to throw away their devices, which will not be withdrawn or recycled.

Apple Mark claims the right to compensation. Green Century, a mutual fund company focusing on environmentally responsible investment, recently filed a similar resolution. “ Electronics is the fastest growing waste stream in the world, accounting for almost 70% of emissions from personal computer equipment. », The output says as you sow.

For consumers, the end of this repair monopoly will have major economic consequences. More competition also means lower prices. This is good for the planet, something the repaired device has not thrown away. Microsoft’s position was probably affected by the mobilization of various countries around the world in support of the right to redress. For example, at the end of 2020, the European Union voted to legislate on this right, especially to promote “ Standard goods and services .

France, for its part, “ Repair code In order to help customers consume better. More recently, the United States has been seeking to assert this right. The Federal Trade Commission has enacted a number of laws regarding the right to compensation. It remains to be seen when and how Microsoft’s promises will actually be translated, and whether other companies like Apple will follow suit.

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