WhatsApp account should not be blocked .. Do not do this?

WhatsApp account should not be blocked .. Do not do this?

Internet Desk: Posts that we know or do not know about the use of social media get us into trouble. Especially in a messaging processor like WhatsApp, our accounts are sometimes deleted or blocked due to minor mistakes we make. The main reason for this is the WhatsApp security system. The company has laid down rules to prevent fraud and harassment through WhatsApp and to provide better security for users’ data. WhatsApp deletes or blocks users’ accounts that violate them. However, cyber experts said that some of the accounts that WhatsApp took action on were intentional, but some of the accounts were due to misunderstandings. In August this year alone, WhatsApp blocked the accounts of about 20 lakh Indians. Earlier this month, WhatsApp revealed that it had taken action on the accounts of more than 30 lakh Indians. In this context, let us know what to do to prevent WhatsApp from blocking or deleting your account.

Do not bother with third party applications

Unlike regular WhatsApp, there are different types of WhatsApp apps on Playstore and Appstore under different names. These are all different from the normal WhatsApp version. This is not allowed on WhatsApp. These provide some additional features that are different from the usual features in WhatsApp. However these features are contrary to WhatsApp rules. That’s why cyber experts recommend not using WhatsApp apps with names like GB WhatsApp, WhatsApp Plus, WhatsApp Mode. WhatsApp may block your account if you use an account with these processors. That’s why it’s better not to work on WhatsApp modified apps.

Are you complaining about spam messages?

WhatsApp can take action on your account if you send promotional messages or business messages through private chat without their permission. This is because many people may complain that messages coming from unknown numbers are spam messages to WhatsApp in unwanted messages. That’s why WhatsApp takes action on your account. That’s why it’s a good idea to get their permission before joining a group or sending advertising or business related messages without the permission of others. Otherwise your account will be disabled or deleted by actions taken with the help of WhatsApp artificial intelligence.

What to do if WhatsApp account is disabled?

If the WhatsApp account is disabled due to a mistake you made unknowingly it will automatically activate after a while. However you should appeal to WhatsApp once your account is blocked. You can send an email explaining that blocking WhatsApp support is not the right thing to do. WhatsApp will review your request and activate the account immediately if you think the reasons given are correct.

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