[programme du jour] Back to London!

[programme du jour] Back to London!

Every game night, Plus Discord And on social networks, the Touch Down Act gives you an article to talk about nightly competitions.

NFL day will be too long! The first kick-off is scheduled for 3:30 pm as the NFL is back in London. Yes, the Falcons-Jets poster doesn’t have to be glamorous, but after a year of eating, we’ll be happily satisfied.

At 7pm, the poster between leopards and eagles is one of the fifth week’s highlights. For the rest, the posters are unbalanced. The clash between Chargers and Browns will be worth watching for 22 hours. Finally, at night, the playoff environment between the chief bills.

Which NFL team would you like to play for?

Meet at 6pm, as usual. On our YouTube page , With footnote. This week, in search of the team that inherited the first selection of the 2022 draft, Alain Matty will sink into the depths of the league. We will also live together at the end of the London meeting between the Jets and the Falcons.

Don’t forget it Pre-game part All meetings are to be provided to you.

On Twitter, do not hesitate to mention TDActu Comment on matches!

The evening show is also an opportunity to see the latest controversies Our partner is Unipet.

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