In Australia, the government returns 160,000 hectares of land to an aboriginal community

In Australia, the government returns 160,000 hectares of land to an aboriginal community

The East Cook can be done by Yalanchi Coordinate and manage this national parkWith local authorities. After all these people can reconnect with what they call their country. V.S.His setback is more than just a simple cadastre story. “We can finally come back to our land and live where we want to live for many years. Lynn Johnson, one of the delegates, explains. It is very important to return to our land We call it Pupu (Pupu) because it enriches us and heals us. There are animals, the ecosystem, which has never disappeared, but now we can easily get back there and live in harmony with it. “

By this decision the Tintree forest, in particular, became known as the Shelter Marry him, The most beautiful bird, but the most endangered, joins other major sites in Australia such as the Uru or Kaktu, which are already under tribal administration.

The law defining the rules in this regard was passed in 1993. Prior to that, the theory in practice had been the same since the arrival of the British in 1788, i.e. Australia “Land of Man”, Land without master. This theory has now disappeared but it is very difficult for the aborigines to win their case. Because, as the Australian historian and expert Romain Pathi explains, this is not a written civilization.

“How do you want to document 150 years between colonialism and own topics? We need to be based on oral history, archeology, we need clues … it’s so complicated.”

Romain Pathi, historian

To Francispo

This difficulty can be attested by Allira Alvoy. She was one of the representatives of the community that won the case. “We have our own traditional world, which has existed since the time the world appeared. But we are forced to move, live, and live in this Western world. It is a very difficult, very long and very tedious process.”

No one else can tell. The East Kuku Yalanji community filed its first handover request in 1994, 25 years ago.

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