Facebook censors a tool that will make you waste less time on Facebook

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Although he developed a very practical tool for Facebook users, one developer was permanently banned from the social network.

If you have been using Facebook for many years, you may have amassed a considerable number of friends, discussion groups and interests. Yes, but lo and behold, the years go by and sometimes it gets harder Organize your digital life. A situation that contaminates your feed, and forces you to spend more time on the platform than you need to enjoy content that you are really interested in.

Facebook bans a simple tool

To fix this problem, developer Louis Barclay came up with the solution he thought of: called an extension Do not follow everything, As its name implies, is allowed Unsubscribe automatically Their friends, but also the pages and groups they follow. Until now, Facebook has allowed this process but manually, one friend at a time.

In addition to cleaning up your relationships, this tool, which comes in the form of a browser extension, makes it possible above all else. Spend less time on social networking Mark Zuckerberg, and Apple boss Tim Cook to escape the worrying permanent scroll. “The time I spent on Facebook has dropped dramatically”, The developer explains in an interview published Stone slab.Overnight, my Facebook addiction was overcome. I no longer want to scroll through an endless stream of content.

Yes, but here it is, Facebook doesn’t really like this idea. The social network first sent a formal notice to Barclays a few months ago, telling him he had violated the platform’s terms of use. As it was a few months ago, when Facebook banned a group of researchers who worked on the transparency of the social network, the US company denied that it was actually automating third-party software platform and user interaction. Despite the developer’s cooperation, GAFAM finally decided to remove its web extension. Disable their Facebook and Instagram accounts permanently.

Always more time for him

I have to say that Facebook has all the interest behind its security hypotheses Attract the attention of its users as much as possible. By massively opt-out of content provided by the company, Internet users not only reduce their engagement rate – which is bad for advertisers – but spend less time scrolling through their feed. A situation that arises at the same time with the revelations of Francis Hagen around Facebook files, and does not help the company’s business.

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