Alex Verdugo wants to become a pitcher in 2023

Alex Verdugo wants to become a pitcher in 2023

Alex Verduco is a polar face in Boston. He is not only eye-catching, but also a big part of the Mookie Bets deal that took place in Los Angeles.

Proof that he wants attention? When he came to Boston, he repeatedly said he wanted to become a pitcher.

Apparently, he didn’t want to stop beating. He wants to become a player who can work on the mound like a stick in hand.

Keep in mind that he does not want to be a starter like Shoaib Ohtani, but once used as a reliever.

He has set a target of 2023 as the year to achieve his goal. Why? Because in 2022, he can train to become a better pitcher. After all, whoever wants to is not good.

In high school, he had a good pace and we saw him as a potential pitcher. He eventually picked up the strike and broke the Dodgers into an outfielder.

At Syme Bloom High School, Vertigo recalled being a desirable jug. He did not close the door to that possibility, but he did not seem optimistic.

The Red Sox have not yet discussed the possibility. Maybe they will be in season.

This is not the first time the player has talked about it. He seems to be serious.

It remains to be seen whether Boston will move forward with the outfielder’s idea or whether they will leave him on the field as “unhappy”.

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