Taco Fall and Sandro Mamukolashvili are the heroes of the day, we will not rewrite this title

Taco Fall and Sandro Mamukolashvili are the heroes of the day, we will not rewrite this title

The pre-season is in full swing, with awesome heroes peeking out the window. Zach Lavin and other Kevin Durant are already there, but using this October we can pay tribute to these players we don’t talk about often, but there’s this little extra flow to the average.

We start this tap with Tremond Green with enough relaxation not to be hit by Dwight Howard, so Taco Fall is the one that comes with the glitter in our lives. One wonders why. James Horton then throws the ball to Kevin Durand, and we wonder what solutions the defense can find to prevent this. The infernal Bulls trio of Alex Caruso, Zach Lavin and Derrick Jones Jr. will soon transform the Jordan / Pippen / Rodman trio into the hearts of Bulls fans. We put one up to Anthony Edwards, who had nothing to shake off the weightlessness, to Downtown Men, the new soldier of the day, the musician Hortonstein of the Clippers, who must very quickly find a nickname for Sandro Mamukolashvili. Hello our headlines on the day he starts sending Giannis Antedogounbo to Sunny-op.

Six hours of high intensity basketball (not at all) is very good for this NBA top 10 out of eight. See you tomorrow for new complex high-end adventures, hoping to write less complicated names.

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