Dark Eagle, US hypersonic missile strikes mainland China in seconds


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Washington – The United States has developed a long-range hypersonic missile (LRHW) called the Dark Eagle. The missile, if stationed in Guam, is said to hit mainland China and targets in the South China Sea in seconds because it has a range of 1,723 miles and a top speed of Mach 5.

The Dark Eagle missile is not yet officially operational. However, the U.S. military was quoted as saying Eurasian Times, Saturday (9/10/2021), he said he was approaching deploying it for the first time.

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The U.S. military as a whole has accelerated the purchase of hypersonic weapons by successfully testing its arch-enemy Russia and launching three different types of hypersonic missiles; Avangard, Kinzel and Zircon.

In mid-August, Charles Richard, the head of the U.S. Strategic Command, speaking at the annual seminar on space defense, acknowledged that Russian hypersonic technology would bring an invincible advantage to the Russian Navy.

The U.S. military recently acquired a trailer-mounted prototype, the Dark Eagle Launcher, along with other key components of the complete arsenal at the joint base Lewis-McCartney in Washington state.

The Army also released a series of pictures showing the arrival of these launchers on October 5, 2021. However, image metadata states that they were taken on September 14 or 15, 2021.

According to the U.S. military, the joint base, Louis-McCart, will house the first units of the armed forces. Photos show the launcher when sent. Each boot is fitted to the M870, which is replaced and towed by an Oshkosh M983A4 tractor truck.

This truck is a variant of the Heavy Extended Mobility Tactical Truck (HEMTT). Although the official name of the first LRHW units is not known, images show that many of these launchers were given unique names, such as Hyperion. The name “Dark Eagle” was announced by the U.S. military in August.

Dark Eagle, US hypersonic missile strikes mainland China in seconds

According to U.S. media reports, two empty vials, such as the Future Dark Eagle missiles, were delivered to an undisclosed location earlier this year. The Army has also provided some details about the LRHW battery and its various components.

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