Will Australians ever get the nuclear submarines they dream of?

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Australia is reportedly considering signing an agreement with the British to launch a program to modernize their nuclear-armed submarines. The situation in Canberra is becoming increasingly complex and burdensome.

Australia’s naval strategy is to take water weighed down by the ACCUS agreement signed with the United States and Great Britain. The Australian press is increasingly skeptical of Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s strategy that Canberra could indeed change course after it terminated a deal with the Navy to buy twelve hybrid (thermal / electric) submarines from the US Virginia class. Australia may eventually select British submarines.

This will be the new generation of the Astute class produced by BAE and Rolls Royce. This issue seems to be less advanced than it looks. On September 17, two days after the end of the deal with France, London awarded the two companies 85 85 million, or மில்லியன் 100 million, to design its new SNA (nuclear submarine attack). Report of the Royal Navy. According to the Anglo-Saxon Press, Australia will eventually be able to select these brand new submarines.

The transition from American equipment to British submarines will have industrial, military and economic consequences. These submarines – part of the British SSNR (Submarine Nuclear Nuclear Conversion) project – will not be delivered to Australia until 2040, four years after the completion of the service of its six Collins submarines.

So Canberra should improve Collins so that they last longer than expected. Enough to increase the bill further: The cost of this transfer is estimated at A $ 6 billion or 4 billion.

And as the special site points out Opex360The Royal Australian Navy, which is already facing recruitment problems, should also train crews for these new British submarines and therefore withdraw them from operational personnel.

Australia plans to lease submarines

To play “school” submarines, the Navy had to hire “short-term” ANS from the United Kingdom. This rental amount is not estimated.

These additional costs, which would add to the bill, could be so steep that Australia cannot build nuclear equipment on its territory, even by sharing knowledge. Will this cost increase force Australians to order less than the 12 submarines originally provided for in the contract with the Navy Group? This would ultimately be a blow to Australia’s security sovereignty.

Scott Morrison’s decision to rescind the agreement with France after being severely criticized by political figures, including two former prime ministers, has had its consequences and the announcement of the ACCUS agreement is becoming a mockery in Australia. A video that has gone viral criticizes “Scotty’s” decision to join the Axis Alliance, also known as “Focus”.

Most importantly, nuclear analysts fear that submarines would not be a good choice without nuclear power. By 2040, submerged drones will make them obsolete because they will be detected even if they are quiet. A Report of the National Defense College He hopes that soon theft will not be an issue.

According to these experts, by 2050, the oceans will become “probably” or “mostly” transparent. China is really growing Rays detecting machines at a depth of 160 meters By identifying chemical, biological, acoustic and infrared signatures. By canceling the contract with the Navy Group, Australia has opened Pandora’s box, the content of which is uncertain.

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