Russia launches video of torture in prisons

Russia launches video of torture in prisons

The project contains resources from the vast Russian prison system and has received more than 1,000 video files showing torture in prisons. On Monday, GulaguNet released a video showing a naked man being raped with a stick at a prison hospital treating tuberculosis patients. The one tied to the bed screams in pain. chairman Vladimir Ossechkin told AFP that received these and other videos from a Belarusian citizen in a prison in Saratov. He was released in February and has been posting a video on since March.

“We call him the Belarusian Snowtown,” said Oshkin, who lives in France.

“This is the first time in Russia that human rights defenders have received enormous amounts of information proving the legitimacy of torture,” Oshkin said.

The Federal Beneficiary Service (FSIN) announced today that it was sending service personnel from Moscow to Saratoga to verify the accuracy of the information shown in the video.

Dmitry Peskov, a spokesman for Russian President Vladimir Putin, was aware of the Kremlin video.

“If the authenticity of these materials is confirmed, of course, this is the reason for a serious investigation,” Peskov said.

Oshkin accused Russian authorities of doing everything to cover up the violations in prisons.

“The Russian authorities are hypocritical and do everything they can to keep themselves out of this torture queue,” he said.

Osage’s. He revealed that “” plans to submit these files to the Council of Europe and the UN.

Human rights activists, prison guards or inmates often report torture, humiliation and beatings against each other.

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