New Fact: The light of the earth is fading

New Fact: The light of the earth is fading
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A new discovery from astronomy amazes the whole world of space research.

Frankfurt – A research team at the Big Bear Solar Laboratory has been observing space every night for the past 20 years. Objective: To measure the solar cycle and the cloud cover of the sky. 20 years later Space exploration* The team is firm: the Earth’s light in space is weakening, according to the American news channel CNN.

The study team made measurements “from the brightness of the earth”, which occurs when the dark side of the moon captures light reflected from the earth and radiates it again. NASA*. The amount of “earth glow” depends on the night and the season. Light is a phenomenon that appears only when the sun’s light reflects off the dark side of the moon.

Space travel: Earth’s light is weakened in space

A small portion of this light is reflected from the moon to the earth. For people on Earth, the “Earth glow” is only identified as a faint light on the dark side of the moon. Philip Goode, a researcher at the New Jersey Institute of Technology and one of the authors of a newly published study, reports: “After you look at the quarter moon, you can see the full moon in three-quarters of this ghostly light.”

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“It actually reflects sunlight from the earth, which weakens it,” Goode explains. The Earth should reflect less than half a watt of light per square meter than it did 20 years ago, reducing the amount of reflection by about 0.5 percent. “Often you can leave your general knowledge on the threshold, and there are a lot of surprises,” Goode says. “This is one of those surprises.”

Space travel: Research has found that clouds are declining on Earth

Another surprise awaited after the next discovery: the research team found that the reason for this phenomenon was the decrease in cloud cover on Earth. As the clouds subside, more direct sunlight will penetrate the Earth’s surface and no longer be reflected back into space. “Earth is warming as reflected light is reduced.” The team found the largest drop in clouds off the west coast of South and North America.

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According to CNN, Goode made no comment that light had any effect on the rapid warming of the text. “We can guess what the earth is doing with this energy.” (Marvin Zigel) * is an offer IPPEN.MEDIA.

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