Shobrite LPGA Classic: Celine Boutier, Best in America!


Work French Golf Federation

Fifteen days after winning the Lagoste Ladies Open de France, Celine Patier delivered another victory, this time on the other side of the Atlantic. With a big final card of 63 (-8), Barisan Shawbright won ahead of the LPGA Classic World n ° 2 and 3.

The towers of Atlantic City casinos are aligned in the panorama on the other side of the bay, which separates the CEVU course from “Las Vegas of the East”, which may have given Celine Potters an idea during the last round yesterday. Such as going the distance to the shadows, placing maximum bets, and believing that luck will avoid favorites. What happened this Sunday was that the French woman made the most beautiful return of the season thanks to a big card of 63 (-8) from a delay of five strokes. A bird from the hardest hole 2 set the tone for the day: “This match, about 7.50m, gave me a lot of confidence for the rest of my game,” he admitted. In fact, five more followed in the first leg, which allowed Celine-12 to temporarily join the front.

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