No, the Prime Minister of Sydney did not resign due to the conflict with Pfizer and AstraZeneca.

No, the Prime Minister of Sydney did not resign due to the conflict with Pfizer and AstraZeneca.

“The first minister of New South Wales had to resign because it was revealed that he was pouring water. Pfizer et AZ
[AstraZeneca] Persecute Australians to get vaccinated. This rumor is spreading
Social Websites October 1, the day Gladys Periglion resigned. This conservative leader was the head of the most populous state
From Australia – In Sydney, the economic capital of the country – Since 2017.

Internet users believe the resignation of the Prime Minister of Sydney in connection with the laboratories that develop anti-Govt vaccines. – Screenshot

In the comments of these publications, some internet users oppose this Vaccine Against
Govit-19 Ask yourself: “When will France return with Macron”? The media has also been accused of trying to cover up the information and calling them “government allies.”

20 minutes Gladys took over the resignation of Periglian.

Fake off

Allegations of conflict of interest with pharmaceutical companies and if the media does not speak for good reason: they are false. Prime Minister of the State of New South WalesOn October 1, the Independent Anti-Corruption Commission (ICAC) begins its investigation.

This study, is called Operation Keppel, Periglian aims to find out whether “between 2012 and 2018 it violated public trust by providing multiple grants to social organizations.” Therefore, nothing can be done with the vaccine, because the facts relate to a time when a global epidemic like Govit-19 was still a science fiction. At the former anti-corruption inquiry, the ICAC is trying to determine whether there was a conflict over his close relationship with former MP Daryl Maguire, who admitted that he used his personal position for personal gain and support. His allies. In which Gladys Periglian.

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Perezglian categorically denies the ICAC’s allegations. “I firmly believe that I have always acted with the highest integrity […] For the benefit of the privileged citizens I serve “, She promised in a press release, Regrets having to resign amid health crisis.

A Sydney And in its region, it has a population of over 5 million
Limited Since June. A
Health activity The former prime minister will end on October 11.

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