Netflix on Android can now choose a series or movie for you

Netflix has announced that it will be using the “Start a Topic” feature in its Android application. Launched in April 2021, this feature allows unfinished users to choose the next content that Netflix will view.

Netflix starts a topic
Credits: Catch Netflix (Phononroid)

Although the prices of Netflix subscriptions increased for everyone on October 1, 2021, Netflix used a new feature in its Android application. In fact, the “Start Title” function is finally available on mobile. Introduced in April 2021, it allows undetermined users Let Netflix watch their next series, documentary or movie.

Of course, the exam is based on platform instructions. In other words, Netflix will make sure to deliver you your favorite content, especially based on your viewing history. Tested for months on the Netflix desktop version, The “Start Title” function lands on Android.

Netflix chooses for you on the Android processor

According to the American legend, the functionality should have come before the mobile, but the test phases have been delayed. Note that the deployment of this feature will be gradual, so you may not have access to it yet. Patience in this matter. On Android, you can access The “Start Title” button in the lower right corner of your screen.

By tapping it, Netflix will start random content from its list. This will be a movie or series that we have not seen and you have not finished or it will be on your list of content to watch. If you do not like this proposal, Press the button again to find another suggestion from Netflix.

Like the company on its support pages, new subscribers to the service will not be able to access the “Start a topic” function for at least a month’s use. Logical, without adequate visual history, The Netflix algorithm cannot deliver the content you want. As a reminder, Netflix recently added a number of new features to its Android processor, such as the ability to watch a series before the download is complete, or the integration of certain games inspired by certain Netflix series such as Strangers Things or The Witcher.

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