MLP: A fight between eternal rivals

MLP: A fight between eternal rivals

In one of the biggest matches of the game on Tuesday night, the New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox will face off in a game that will determine second place in the American League.

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“It’s going to be a lot of fun. It’s going to be a ton of action,” said Yankees star Aaron Judge, according to the Major League Baseball website.

“We know they will play better baseball and we will do the same. It will be another episode of the big match between our two teams.

This fight will be delivered at the home of the Rock Socks, the best of the Bronx Bombardiers this season.

“We’ll be ready,” said manager Alex Cora. It should be a lot of fun. I think it’s good for baseball. Our fans will come on Tuesday and we will make Fenway Park feel like home. ”

The whole fight of beginners

Knowing that this is a confrontation with each other, the two clubs will send their pitchers to the top.

In the Yankees, Jared Cole (16-8) will try to regain contact. The player has maintained a 2-2 record in his last five trips and an average of 6.15. However, he allowed his team to beat the Sox on Sept. 24, giving up three runs and five wins in six innings of work.

For their part, the Red Sox will send Nathan Ewaldi (11-9) to battle. The 31-year-old Gunner made six starts against the Yankees in 2021 and conceded two or fewer runs in those first five games. However, when he last played against the Big Apple Club he was given a tough ride by allowing seven points and several wins from safe place.

To monitor

On each side, some players will try to keep up their best pace. On the Red Sox court, Rafael Divers hit the ball four times safely in five batting appearances and hit two homers in the final game of the regular season. He also made his own three points against Cole on 24 September.

We should also see Giancarlo Stanton in the Yankees. He sent the ball out of bounds three times and made 10 points in his team’s final three-game series against Massachusetts. The referee has maintained a .325 batting average in his last 12 games and cannot go unnoticed.

The winner of this fight will find Tampa Bay Rays in the division series, while the loser will have to wait until 2022 to return to baseball.

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