Journal of Montreal, a killer very close

Journal of Montreal, a killer very close

After being “shocked” by horror movies, Theodore Beller gradually took control of it. Thanks after flirting with the genre Presented by Patrick Senegal, The actor fully embraces him today There is someone inside your house.

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At the end of the line, Theodore Beller clearly remembered that evening when he was 12 years old. The marathon of horror films between friends then caused a bitter taste to the actor, removing him from the good genre.

“I was so worried, it hurt me for months! But today is okay [rires] ! It’s not a kind of film that I rush into – it scares me – but I appreciate it more than ever, ”he said in an interview. Magazine.

For many years, this was the first Stranger things Who reconciled him with that genre, and then Ari Astor’s mission, crowned him as the new leader of terrorism Inheritance And Middle.

Theodore Bellerin recently spent two days on the set with an American filmmaker Disappointment Blvd, Currently shooting in Montreal. We can see the cubes on screen for a few minutes with Joaquim Phoenix.

“This is a very small character,” Theodore Bellerin first mentions.

“I play one of his sons he sees again during a psychiatric dream. He is an amazing actor,” he adds.

American best seller

Until then, we can see Theodore Beller inside There is someone inside your house, An adaptation of the American bestseller movie on the same topic is expected Wednesday on Netflix.

Campus? The masked assassin uses his high school best secrets to intimidate and then remove his classmates. Olly Larson, a friend of Theodore Beller’s heroine, slipped into his shoes … first in the eyes of other students.

“He has a hard time communicating with others. I think he found a certain comfort in this solitude. But people are scared of him, they spread rumors about him. In fact, he carries with him a part of the mystery of the film. I don’t know, ”he says.

Theodore Beller suggests that those who swallow Stephanie Perkins’ novel, published four years ago, will discover a different universe than they already know.

“It was inspired by the novel, but it’s not really a plot. However, from the moment the book turns into a movie, you have to accept that it transforms itself to be in a completely different world,” the actor underscores.

Cow There is someone inside your house Netflix will land on Wednesday.

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