Colors of the homeland | Back to work on Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram

فيسبوك وإنستجرام

Social networking sites gradually returned to work after being shut down for several hours following a sudden crash, which led to a complete shutdown, which was reported by users around the world, and was monitored by the “Downtector” website. Monitor site crashes and shut down social networking services.

Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram are back to work

The Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram applications have returned to work for some users, while others still have some issues downloading and waiting for a final solution.

This crash is the second after a major crash that surprised users in 2016. Facebook released a statement on its Twitter account attacking its applications and disrupting its services, adding: “We feel that some people are facing a problem. The problem

Instagram Comments on Holidays

The “Instagram” application, via the official page of the short tweeting site “Twitter”, commented on a report about the crash that affected it: “Friends on Instagram are currently having some hard time, you may have problems using the app, please be patient, we are working to resolve it” .

The crash affected 32 sites that Downtector monitors through complaints from millions of users, including Facebook, Messenger, WhatsApp, Instagram, Google, Telegram, Twitter, Snapshot, Amazon, Tic Tac Toe and Candy Crush.

Users found the crash when accessing these sites because they were surprised by the error message.

Twitter saw the onslaught of users of social websites because it was the only site that did not encounter a crash, but rather became a forum for writing multiple comments about the holidays, and the sudden failure dominated more than one trend on the site. Short tweets and many celebrities commented on the event and wrote tweets, entrepreneur Naguib Savaris wrote: “Life without Facebook or WhatsApp.” The artist, Mohamed Henry, mocked the pioneers of “Facebook” who first took to Twitter. And wrote: “Those who do not come to Twitter are called Tweet Mesh Post, and its name is retweet, not shared, its name is an account, not a page.”

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