Nike LeBron publishes James Innovation Center NBA

Nike LeBron publishes James Innovation Center NBA

Unofficially signed by Nike, LeBron James now owns his own building in Nike headquarters in Oregon. At the entrance LeBron James Innovation Center, We recognize the logo of the Lakers superstar, which is where the Nike Sport Research Lab, basically decided to move its research and development lab. This is most accurate in the 4th phase of the building The hub where we work with athletes at all levels, backgrounds, abilities, and sports In the words of Matthew Nurse, Nike is the Vice President of the Explore Team Sports Research Laboratory.

The LeBron James Innovation Center 8,000 m² is dedicated to sports for future products and technology.

This is why a real basketball court for NBA standards, a 200-meter track, a 100-meter track with two lanes or a regular football field with artificial turf and a 150-meter curve, with 15 slopes. % Data is recorded by 400 motion capture cameras and 97 biodynamic platforms. Never heard of Nike.

Surreal that all of this came into effect during my career and while I was at Nike. Sometimes I don’t understand it, but I am very respectful LeBron James reacted. ” My name is apt to be in the building of dedicated discovery because I always try to find and break down the chronology known as the Golden Age..

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