NFL: The Cardinals beat the Rams and set the perfect record

NFL: The Cardinals beat the Rams and set the perfect record

During the quarterfinal victory over the Los Angeles Rams in Ingloud, California, the Arizona Cardinals ensured that the Western section of the National League would be taken seriously.

Kyler Murray threw two touchdown passes and added 39 quick yards for a 268-yard lead to lead the Cardinals to a 37-20 win over the Rams on Sunday.

AJ Green caught a 41-yard touchdown pass, Chase Edmunds rushed 120 yards and James Connor ran two majors for the Cardinals (4-0), eventually beating Sean McGoway for the first time in nine attempts.

The Cardinals are currently one of only two unbeaten teams in the NFL this season with the Las Vegas Raiders.

The Arizona team has not won or shown a winning record in their division since 2015, but they have had the best start to the season since 2012.

“I feel like we’re creating something as a team,” Cardinals Corner Pack Byron Murphy Jr. said. For how many years have we not beaten the Rams? Five years? Something is growing. “

Cliff Kingsbury’s offense hit the Rams’ defense to 465 yards, hitting a touchdown after two early earnings.

“We don’t care what people think,” Murray said. I think the guys in the locker room will understand what we do, what we do, and how far we can take this team. “

Maxx Williams caught Murray’s other touchdown pass, finishing 24 of his 32 passes. The Cardinals defense made several big plays and ensured the team’s first win against the Rams by forcing a fourth-quarter effort from January 1, 2017.

Matthew Stafford caught 26 of his 41 aerial attempts for a 280-yard gain. He threw two touchdown passes to the Rams (3-1), who may have started the campaign with a 4-0 record for the first time since 2018.

“It’s a game where you always have to prove everything. You have to do it every time you go there, Stafford said. I’m not good enough today. We are not good enough to host every game.

Van Jefferson and Robert Woods caught the touchdown bass, but Stafford was largely out of sync with his receivers. McVeigh continued to give up hastily, even though Darrell Henderson had 89 yards in just 14 chariots.

Rams’ defense received only a few responses from Murray, who continued to find free receivers or received some important yards. The Cardinals scored seven points in the first eight attacking series.

“The best thing we do is defend the ball,” Kingsbury noted.

After Murray rallied 186 aerial yards and 34, the Cardinals led 24-13 at half-time.

Seattle is recovering from two losses

Russell Wilson helped the San Francisco 49ers beat the Seattle Seahawks 28-21 on Sunday and threw two touchdown passes in addition to one score.

Seattle (2-2) overcame a difficult start to the game in the attack and then got up in the second half, scoring three majors.

Thus Pete Caroline’s troops eliminated two setbacks.

The Niners (2-2) conceded their second defeat in front of their fans after losing to the Green Bay Packers on Sunday night for their part.

Rookie quarterback Tray Lance went into the fight in the second half in relief for Jimmy Caropolo, who was injured in the calf.

Depo landed two touchdown passes to Samuel in addition to a two point shift. However, it was too late, too late.

Takes care of Rodgers-Cop suit steelers

Aaron Rodgers scored a goal in addition to two touchdowns to his teammate Randall Cup.

Cobb had a 23-yard pass to the Major in the second quarter, giving the Packers a 3-1 lead. He hit a second from a yard in the third quarter, which was 27-10.

This pass race is Rotgers’ 420th touchdown, which allowed Dan Marino to join for the sixth time.

Rodgers finished his afternoon job with 20 of his 36 passes for a profit of 248 yards.

The Steelers are the only NFL team not to face Rodgers on the Lambo Field.

Pittsburgh (1-3) have now lost three games in a row and could not cross the 17-point mark in any of those outings.

Since his high return with the Packers, Cope has only taken four catches for 58 yards in three games. On Sunday, he topped that total with five receptions for 69 yards.

It was the first meeting between Rodgers and Ben Rothlisberger since they met at the Super Bowl in February 2011. By then Green Bay had won 31-25.

In the Steelers ‘next two visits to Lambo Field, in 2013 and 2017, Matt Flynn and Brett Huntley were the Packers’ opening quarters, with Rodgers injured.

At the loss, Rothlisberger threw the 400th touchdown pass of his career, throwing 35 yards to Pittsburgh’s first attacking line Dionde Johnson.

Big Ben became the eighth player in round history to reach this prestigious plateau.

Broncos loses Britwater and Game1

Denver Broncos could never cope with Desti Bridgewater’s early loss, and they conceded their first defeat of the season to Baltimore Ravens 23-7.

Bridgewater left the game in the second quarter with a concussion.

Drew Locke came to take charge, but he could not find a solution to the Ravens’ defense. The quarterfinals ended with 12 completed passes in 21 attempts for 113 yards. He was interrupted late in the game as he tried to come back.

According to Ravens, Lamar Jackson lifted 316 yards and completed a touchdown pass to Marquis Brown.

With one final run late in the game, the Ravens secured at least 100 yards in the 43rd straight game to equal the Pittsburgh Steelers’ NFL record.

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