Guilty on Netflix with Jack Gillenhall: Review and Trailer

Guilty on Netflix with Jack Gillenhall: Review and Trailer

Laura b. Updated October 4, 2021 1:48 PM Posted on October 4, 2021 1:48 PM

Jack Gillenhall stars in the Netflix-released thriller. “The Guilty”, an American remake of a Swedish film, has now been released on stage.

Netflix Just uploaded ThrillerGuilty“With Jack Gillenhall. about this American remake Of Swedish film Same title as published in TheaterIn France, in July 2018.

Guilty“, The film was originally written and directed Gustav Mல்லller, Attracted 270,000 viewers when released in theaters in France. However, he was highly respected by critics and professionals and won many prizes. And, in 2021, he is back in the spotlight American remake, But an adaptation of a theater in France with Richard Anconina.

This American remake From “GuiltyFor Netflix Made by Antoine FukuaTo whom are we particularly indebted? “7 mercenaries“,”Balancer“Or”Fall of the White House“. His Picture, He puts on a show Jack GillenhallIn the lead role, he is also the co-producer of the film. In its performance “guilty feeling“Made in the US, we see Ethan Hawke, Which in the original version, by phone, provides a voice.

Summary :

Emergency Call Center, Police InspectorJack Gillenhall) Tries to save a speaker in a difficult day of resolving expressions and scores.

Teaser :

Review :

This American remake Of Swedish film, Very loyal to the original footage, yet has its small side Hollywood. If initially we were told that we were facing a Hollywood record, helicopters and everything, it would not be so.

The better Jack Gillenhall Wear Picture Itself. His police character in the closet, to the departed father, has more background than its background The original film. Stuck in frustrated 911 (In this American edition, the original Police Standard became General 911, reminiscent of a series of the same title aired on the M6, where all emergencies come and go) He will do everything to help this woman and her children, even if it means doing too much.

Once we know Picture The original, suspense is very minimal. However, in American remake Worth the name “Guilty“Pushing the dramatic side a little more: Parallel to this emergency, there is a huge fire that mobilizes emergency services, which also contributes to tensions.” Picture.

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