Google unexpectedly canceled Flex, embarrassing 400,000 users

Google Annule Plex Par Surprise, Laissant 400 000 Utilisateurs Dans

The cancellation of the plan was confirmed by Google and Citigroup, one of the financial institutions that was already part of it.

Recently, we announced to you that Google Banks wants to provide current accounts for Google Banks through Google Pay, and now the US giant unexpectedly canceled this program he called Google Flex, leaving more than 400,000 users on the ground. .

Cancels Google Flex

Google has once again dropped another plan: Cancel Plex to avoid competing with banks

Google Flex is already part of a history of projects abandoned by the US company

The Wall Street Journal reports that Google has dropped its “Flex” bank accounts plan, which will be released later this year.

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The scheme was developed in collaboration with Citigroup, Stanford Federal Credit Union and other banks and credit unions such as Spanish Bank PPVA. Google Flex was born with the idea of ​​creating a checking account that can be managed directly from Google Pay, in fact, the American company named it “The first mobile bank account integrated with Google Pay”.

The visible leader of the project is Caesar Sengupta, who left Google earlier this year and his ruling successor Bill Reddy previously told the Wall Street Journal, “He was concerned that Flex would convince people. They played a major role in the production.”

Google Flex Banks

These are the banks that were part of the Google Flex project

Google and Citigroup have already confirmed the cancellation of this service. First, a Google spokesman said it would shift the focus of the project to provide digital empowerment to banks and other financial service providers, rather than serving as a provider of that service.

Second, a Citigroup spokesperson confirmed that they are looking for “other ways to work with Google in the future” as more than 10,000 people sign up for the list each week so far. Waiting for a Flex bank account. More than 400,000 users.

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We’ll have to wait and see if Google takes a different approach to this project and points it out to its spokesperson, or rather abandons it as it did with other services like Google+ or Hangouts.

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