The White House is urging U.S. airlines to make the Covid 19 vaccine available to its employees soon

The White House is urging U.S. airlines to make the Govt-19 vaccine available to its employees soon
The White House is calling for major US airlines to be vaccinated against Covit-19

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The White House Major US airlines require COVID-19 vaccines for their employees December 8.

White House COVID-19 Response Coordinator, Jeffrey Giants, Met with general managers on ThursdayAmerican Airlines, Delta Airlines and Southwest Airlines To ensure that they work quickly to develop and implement the latest vaccine requirements before that deadline, many sources speak anonymously. Major American airlines have a number of Federal agreements. For example, the Civil Reserve Air Fleet (CRAF) is part of the federal agreements of major U.S. carriers. Or, lAnd the President Joe Biden The White House set a deadline last week to sign federal contracts requiring federal contractors to vaccinate employees against Covid 19. December 8 Complete vaccinations.

American Airlines He said Friday evening that more than 100,000 employees across the United States should be vaccinated, but did not specify a compliance date. “While we are still working on the details of federal requirements, it is clear that non-vaccinated team members cannot work for American Airlines.”, CEO Doug Parker and Chairman Robert Isom said in a note. “We feel this federal mandate is difficult, but our company needs it and we will abide by it.”

Some airline officials have asked the White House to postpone requests signed by Biden last month until the end of the holiday period. The Coalition Pilots Association, which represents 14,000 pilots flying to American Airlines, said last week Compulsory vaccinations can lead to and create labor shortages Serious operational problems To American Airlines and its colleagues “. There are some employees of various American companies Resigned Rather than complying with vaccination orders. On Friday, the two airlines said they were complying with the federal contractors’ vaccination order. Jet Blue Airways He said he told his team members “the need for this vaccine.” Alaska Airlines She said she complied with federal vaccination requirements and felt she and other major U.S. airlines had been shut down by executive order.

Delta That said Friday 84 % Of its staff have been vaccinated and it continues “To Evaluate Management’s Plan”. Southwest He said “Covit-19 continues to strongly encourage employees to get vaccinated.” United Airlines He said that 99.5% Its employees in the United States have been vaccinated, with the exception of those who have applied for exemptions. The carrier said only 320 employees in the United States did not follow its vaccination policy.

White House urges US airlines to soon issue COVID-19 vaccines to its employees 1 Air Journal


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