Classic music canon in view of decolonizers

Classic music canon in view of decolonizers

Classical music travels to a quiet and peaceful world in which the artistic sanctification of well-anchored ancient values ​​provides an immovable reproduction that is more or less interested in researchers, institutions, artists and listeners. However, the temple, according to prejudice, is open or immovable and oscillates for many months.

Could we have imagined the firm resignation of a musician? JPE Harper-Scott is an Emeritus Professor of Music History and Theory in Music at the Royal Holloway in London. Author of books on music or ideology in British operas, he was author of the Cambridge University Press “Music in Context” collection.

In mid-September, JPE published a remarkable speech entitled Harper-Scott “Why did I leave the world University “. He goes to the bottom of the issue, noting that “the music world is generally full of well-meaning people, but generally not daring or willing to lead the truth:” Universities are important places that I mistakenly thought were important, but they are becoming more and more stubborn. ” Began “A more and more pervasive view of music: the musical works of the XIXe The century is the product of an imperial society. The canon of classical music must be colonized.

Attacking the roots

On March 27, the Telegraph From London, one of its faculty members said that the prestigious Oxford University was seriously considering its music education curriculum and would see the music code as a “colonial representative body”.

Contacted Oxford University Duty Our requests for interviews or details were not answered, but if we trust the undeniable London newspaper, discussions are underway to “colonize” the first class. “Of the current project.

As always Telegraph, “Options focused on the last decade by French composer Machad and Schubert may be modified to focus on ‘African and African diasporic music’, ‘world music’ and ‘popular music'”.

These considerations are not isolated in any way. On our continent, Philip Ewell, a professor at Hunter College at New York City University, is known as the leader of thought on “music theory and the white racial system.” If Ewell fought so reasonably for the recognition of composers such as Saint-George Joseph Bolon and underlined the damage done to female composers, he does so by judging it. Beethoven is a composer above Average “ And it reads: “Beethoven has occupied the space he has occupied because he has been supported by whites and men for 200 years, and whites and men have said that we have nothing to do with whites and men, regardless of race or gender.”

Also, for Eve, the word “master” and its derivatives (Excellent work, Masterpiece creation, Masterpiece), Racist (master / slave) and sexual (master / mistress). In music theory, the term “masterpiece” generally applies to the songs of white men.

Music training and compilation

As we have seen recently, “ Woke up “And” Vogue “, with only one spelling difference and classical music sometimes weighed down by heavy pots of drag.

To the extent that these currents penetrate into many spheres and express definite reactions, without adhering to educational principles or postures. Charlotte Arts and Science Council (ASC) in North Carolina in February 2021, Publicly apologized Since 1958, the Charlotte Symphony orchestra has supported eight “white, Western and Eurocentric organizations”, including the Carolina Opera, the Charlotte Children’s Theater and the Charlotte Ballet. CSA is complicit in maintaining fundraising practices that elevate some cultures, creative traditions, identities and art forms above others. Such a defect has been isolated to date.

That, in turn, draws attention to the talent and its representation. Over the years, the question of cosmetics has arisen. ” Black face , In particular Othello Where Ada, But beyond this question was often discussed, and it seemed largely resolved, that it is the work now in question.

Bioder The ballet was composed in 1877 in St. Petersburg to the music of Leon Minkus, choreographer Marius Fediba. Rudolf Nouriev is a renowned choreographer and choreographer. Bioder Takes place on a postcard in India. The show opens again in April 2021 at the Paris Opera Caused the general expulsion of a Hindu spiritual leaderRajan Jet, an American citizen, accused the company of “openly encouraging the acquisition of the traditions, elements and ideas of others and mocking the whole community.” Bioder “Seriously trivializes Eastern religious traditions,” he demanded, withdrawing it from the poster.

The Paris Opera ignored his orders and put the card back on by planning a series of shows in 2022. On the other hand, the University of North Carolina School of Arts chose to withdraw Bioder Its poster at the end of April 2021.

Under this prism, many works are at high risk: harem and slavery in ballet Private By Adolf Adam or Opera Italian in Algiers By Rosini; Another postcard-style look of India imagined in the opera Lucky… and what to do Madame Butterfly, The enslavement of Oriental women in the hands of the victorious Western Macismo?

some times ” Cancel Touches performance. Opera Nixon In China Appreciated scene by John Adams at the Scottish National Opera in February 2020. No one was offended by Nixon’s role played by a great black singer. But when the show was shortlisted for the best song in the UK in June 2021, baritone and composer Julian C. Lambert ordered that Asians play only minimal Chinese roles in the production. A Tweet 81 times “Favorite”It only took 48 hours for the Scottish Opera to withdraw its candidacy and issue a “deep apology for the crime committed.”

September 16, On I learned that 14 musicians from English The Touring Opera (ETO) knew they would never be hired again. Is it their fault? Be white. ETO wants to increase its diversity and with this approach “in line with the firm guidelines of the Arts Council, ETO is the main financier of tours and most funds [le] Support “. The Art Forum responded that the ETO had not been instructed to dismiss the musicians. The” disturbed “musicians’ association also condemned the decision of the ETO leadership.

However, if the reforms on the board are rubbed off and rubbed with oil, there will be no musical skills such as “keyboard learning or orchestral conduction” and “compulsory” because “the structurally centered” talent of white European music is causing great distress to students of color.

How far does all this take us? JPE Harper-Scott’s comment about the lack of courage of academics can undoubtedly extend to the world of music. I know how to be politically correct, but we are dying for it. “

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