Victory for the Blue Jays, Red Sox and Mariners

Victory for the Blue Jays, Red Sox and Mariners

The fighting in America last night was more intense than ever. As the Blue Jays, Red Sox and Mariners won their game, it became some big baseball.

Rank here.

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With their 98th win, the Radiators made sure to have their best professional season, but here they are in complete control of the Americans above all else. They will have a home advantage (at least) until the World Series.

Since the Astros are in a good position to beat their division, it gives us a good guarantee of an Astros v. White socks curtain raiser.

We also notice that the magic number of A is no longer there. Here they are eliminated from the competition for the playoffs.

But here I am reminded of the teams in the best runner-up racing.

In TorontoMarcus Semion scored his 44th home homa, the second-highest goal-scoring record in MLB history. He made the 100th point of the season.

Bo Pichet scored more than one goal, including two home runs (27th and 28th, eighth win home run). With this Jayce holds the record for the shortstop for the longest balls in history and he created the 100th point of the year. For the first time since 2003, there are four 100 point makers in a club.

Vladimir Guerrero Jr. scored his first victory since September 23rd. George Springer had three wins and his former teammate Jared Cole ate everywhere. Jose Perios started a quality start. Jordan Romano got a big recovery after seeing the relief bring him down.

Yes, the best are the best.

In New York, The group used a cushion and could drop one. Gerrit Cole’s ugly exit (five points allowed), however, comes at a very bad time. Possible injuries to Joey Gallo and Luke Voight.

However, they had shows Clutches, Like it … Kyle Higashioka.

In Boston, It is important to recover from the loss the day before to Baltimore. They did it resolutely and Jedi Martinez did her part.

A good win is important as other clubs retreat. It has been done.

In SeattleThe club did not give up. Here they are four in a row and they knocked A out of the playoff race.

Abraham Toro scored the first homer of the month at the most crucial moment.

The Marines will not be playing tonight. This, for Jais, would be an opportunity to catch them on the stand with Matt Robbie Ray.

In New York (against Jayce) and in Boston (against Baltimore), victory is most necessary, obviously.

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  • Announcement to interested parties: Tickets for the series will go on sale in Toronto this afternoon.
  • Incredible. His 200th career. However, he left the tournament due to injury.

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