The United States lists 23 species as extinct

The United States lists 23 species as extinct

Washington – AFP
The United States includes 23 species on the endangered species list, including the ivory-billed woodpecker, one of the most important birds on the American continent, but no trace of it has been found since 1944.
Of these 23 species, scientists have lost hope of finding a life pattern, including another bird called a “backman”, two species of freshwater fish, eight species of clams and one species of plant.
The Federal Commission for the Protection of Fish and Wildlife declared in a statement that “these species have been declared extinct” and the path has been taken to remove them from the endangered species list.
This bad news “demonstrates that human activities can lead to species extinction and extinction, contributing to the loss of habitats, excessive exploitation and the introduction of invasive species and diseases.”
“The growing effects of climate change should be expected to exacerbate these threats,” the company said in a statement.
The woodpecker, made of ivory, belongs to the family of stinger (woodpecker), and is named for the black and white spots on the male with a red mane, and its length is about fifty centimeters.
Experts have unanimously agreed that April 1944 was the last date for the bird’s sighting in northeastern Louisiana.
It was classified as an endangered species in 1967, especially after it lost its way out of the forests that make up its natural habitat, but by collectors.
The species, which was added to the endangered species list on Wednesday, includes 11 species from the islands of Hawaii and Guam, including several species of birds and bats.
Animals living on the islands are at risk of extinction due to their loneliness. Hawaii and the Pacific Islands have more than 650 species and animals, more than any other American state, and many of these species are found nowhere around the world.
Officials say the addition of these 23 species to the endangered species list came too late to save them.
But above all, this classification allowed “to protect more than 99% of organisms (included in the list) from extinction”.

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