iFixit split the new iPad mini 6th generation and shake up the jelly scroll problem visual display – Japanese version

IPod Mini6


Repair iFixitSplitting the iPhone 13 ProFollowing is a separate video of the new iPad mini (6th generation) released. In this article, a screenshot of the new iPod mini shakes“Jelly scroll” problemWe dig it deep and compare it to the iPod Air (4th generation).

iFixit’s regular repair score is 3 out of 10. As a result of the extraction, Apple considered it easier to replace the battery with the new model, but eventually gave up and came to the conclusion that the battery was fixed to the main body as before.

Now, about the jelly curl problem, we can say that this is the real thing. This symptom is a phenomenon where the characters and images on the screen appear to shake like jelly as they quickly scroll through a long webpage.Responding.. In other words, this is not a defect in the official view.

IPod Mini6


According to IFixit, jelly rolls are not uncommon on LCD devices in general. Why is this noticed on the new iPad mini? This is considered because the scanning (rewriting) direction of the screen is related to the arrangement of the control panel that drives the display within the main unit.

On the new iPad mini, this part is placed vertically on the left (when placed vertically). The 4th generation iPod Air, on the other hand, has the same problem, the control panel above. In other words, in the air, the direction in which the display is updated is parallel to the scrolling motion, and although the screen is not updated at the same time, the effects are not noticeable as the characters arranged side by side are not separated.

IPod Mini6


In contrast, on the new iPad mini, the display refresh and scrolling direction is vertical, and the rewrite time changes horizontally, so it seems to tilt left or right. This speculation may explain the phenomenon that the jelly phenomenon is less noticeable when the iPod mini is placed horizontally.

IFixit claims that Apple is using a cheaper display panel on the new iPad mini and that it may be more noticeable than expected to rewrite.

The scanning direction of the display may not help with the design, but if it largely depends on the quality of the screen panel, the jelly scrolling “hits” (which would be good panel quality) should be suppressed by attracting individuals. If you really care,Transfer procedure available within 14 days of receiving the productYou can use.

Source:iFixit (YouTube)

* You can get the combined reward from the link in the article on the Japanese edition of the Inkjet.

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