FIFA 22: Electronic Arts and FIFA launch a new Sport program!

Fifa 22: Electronic Arts et la FIFA lance un nouveau programme esport !

To the delight of players, Electronic Arts and FIFA are announcing an updated eSports program for EA Sports FIFA 22!

Electronic Arts and FIFA Team Back to the start of a series of e-sports tournaments at FIFA 22! Players from all over the world are invited to this long awaited event. MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z.

The eSport comes with FIFA 22

American Heroes and International Football Confederation, Thursday, September 30, 2021, Issued the biggest announcement. They are launching a series of e-sports tournaments on FIFA 22!

The event, which has long been awaited by football fans, aims to attract Millions of soldiers. Yes, you heard it.

It highlights competition One against one, but 2 against 2. Players can then play for themselves or represent authorized eSports teams. But real football clubs and their own country too!

“FIFA’s competition reflects the gaming scene The future of sports entertainment In this world, Brent King in advance. It improves the way fans enjoy the game they love. “

FIFA is the main platform for football fans around the world to create their own game history. In partnership with FIFA, The public’s appeal for eSports is obvious“, Concludes the vice-president of the game series.

“Newcomers and established superstars will be promoting the whole country of FIFA players,” Christian Volk explains. But also available Opportunity to learn fame through their game. ⁇

“There will definitely be a historic season full of exciting stories of FIFA matches Impressed fans worldwide, Adds director of eFootball and Gaming. Thanks to this increased ecosystem. “

MCE TV tells you more about this season Colorful in FIFA 22.

FIFA 22: Electronic Arts and FIFA launch a new Sport program!

Team matches

“Football will not be in the power of the team. Says Sam Durgbos. Our goal is to harness this power and make use of eSports Entertainment Connect football fans The game they love is all over the world. “

The commissioner explains that competition in FIFA is a game “There will be a team An incentive for future football interest. That’s it!

Undoubtedly you will understand, so these events that the players expected will highlight it 2v2 team matches. Worship!

Developed by Electronic Arts, FIFA 22 should see the light of day, viz. October 1, 2021. And the players are delighted! You have to believe that they can not wait anymore.

The title is available on PC, Xbox One, Switch and PS4. But that’s not all! Xbox Series and PS5 We welcome that too.

Players who have new consoles can Enjoy the game in the best conditions. But to run it on these new machines, you need to find some more …

Deficits still hinder production ! Hopefully, the Japanese company still announces a return to normalcy for the holiday season. No, you are not dreaming!

We let you see it First Teaser Famous “FIFA 22 Global Series”.