Three more parts of Poland leave ‘non-LGBT areas’ under EU pressure – News Source

Three more parts of Poland leave 'non-LGBT areas' under EU pressure - News Source

The three regions of Krakw, Russov and Lublin have dropped the status of “areas without LGBT ideology” following pressure from Brussels, the AFP reported after the Keells region did so last week.

In mid-July, the European Commission (EC) launched a crackdown on these “areas without LGBT ideology” against Poland, mandated by several regions, communes and other local authorities.

The Election Commission has sent a warning letter to Poland condemning the discriminatory nature of these actions against lesbians, homosexuals, transgender and transgender (LGBT).

Brussels has suspended talks with five affected regions over funding under the Economic Recovery Coordination Support Program for RECCT-EU integration.

The Krakw (southern), Rzeszow (southern) and Lublin (eastern) regions decided to reconsider on Monday – as they did in the Keells region (southern) last week – and replaced it with other texts in the report “Areas without LGBT ideology,” writes.

Delegates from the Rzeszow region in their new speech emphasized their opposition to “any attempt at hatred and discrimination based on gender, age, race, disability, race, religion, belief or sexual orientation.”

The three regions emphasize tolerance, Christianity and the connection to the traditional role of the family in Polish social life.

In Poland, since 2019 a total of 100 local bodies have adopted the resolution “Against the LGBT ideology” or the “Charter of Family Rights”.

They cover a quarter of the territory of Poland and are mainly located in the southeast and east of the country – traditionally the most Catholic areas.

Following these statements, Brussels called for the respect of human rights and entitlements, which are “fundamental values ​​of the EU”, and promised that the EC would use all available means to defend these values.

Chairman of the Election Commission, Ursula van der Leyen, Condemning some “inhumane areas” in the EU as “nothing to see”.

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