Neurologist confirms spontaneous cases of Lyme in Argentina, tick-borne disease | It is caused by the bacterium Borrelia burgdorferi

Neurologist confirms spontaneous cases of Lyme in Argentina, tick-borne disease |  It is caused by the bacterium Borrelia burgdorferi

American-born neurologist Lyme diseaseBorrelia is caused by a tick bite caused by the bacterium Bacteria There are automation cases in Argentina.

“Argentina has Lyme and the evidence is huge. It is a very serious disease” is one of its main symptoms. Bull-eye-shaped rash that appears after a bite, Comprehensive Melkor Rodrigo (MN 115,792).

According to the expert, Lyme disease was “described in the United States many years ago” but “now it has spread around the world.” Colombia, Paraguay and Chile “Some time ago they admitted to having Native Lyme cases.”, He said.

“In our country”According to their research, “There are cases from the north to the south, but” most of them had to be diagnosed outside because of the medical community’s incomprehensible denial of the existence of the disease. “.

By 2020, the National Administration of Laboratories and Health Institutions Dr. Carlos G. “Until now, only patients who have traveled to local areas such as the United States, Europe or Russia associated with various epidemiological and medical variables can have suspicious cases.”, Then said Malphron.

Lyme disease

The first symptoms of Lyme are similar to the flu: fatigue, fever, headache and muscle and joint pain.. Bacteria go from the tick gut to the salivary glands. After the bite, the bacteria penetrate the skin and reach the bloodstream. This, along with syphilis and multiple sclerosis, is considered a ‘great impression’ that can simulate a number of diseases, “the neurologist explained of the disease’s dynamics.

This can confuse doctors and patients and cause delays in treatment. “Before the bacteria can spread throughout the body, it must be treated with antibiotics in the first stage of the disease., He pointed out Melkor Rodrigo.

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If the Lyme infection is not treated, new signs and symptoms may appear in the next few weeks or months. The American Mayo Clinic mentions among them Migration Erythema (Rash may appear on other parts of the body); Joint Pain (Especially on the knees); And Neurological problemsInflammation of the membranes around the brain (meningitis), temporary paralysis of one side of the face (Bells palsy), numbness or weakness in the extremities and weak muscle movement may occur.

The only way to prevent it is to use a neurologist, DEET (N, N-diethyl-toluamide) and repellents with clothes that cover the skin well.

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