Piff, puff, puff: A recipe from the Myson budget is now available

The Puff, la pâtisserie de la Maison Puget à découvrir d'urgence à Londres
By Laurent Collin | Posted on 09/28/2021 at 10:46 am Updated on 09/28/2021 at 11:49 am

Do you know Puff? This is one of Maison Budget’s iconic pastries. Since the beginning of September, it has been deposited to preserve a unique name and a unique recipe that has been carefully preserved.

Reopened from the end of August, the Budgets and their crew had already forgotten The storm destroyed their production equipment on July 12. Their customers come back to their London bakery to buy bread and pastries, but many specialties including The Puff. A recipe has been filed directly from the imagination of Jean-Christophe Budget. ” Puff is a blend between croissant, brioche and puff pastry, He agrees. A light and airy pastry designed like cotton candy. It can’t stop when we start .

The puff goes well with a coffee

This original creation, to be shared on a coffee, for example, refers to the baker and pastry chef of Portobello Road “as a result of cooking very slowly at low temperatures to preserve all flavors”. ” This trademark record shows that we know how to create exceptional products and that we are committed to protecting this signature product to prevent duplication. He concludes. Available in two sizes, the puff is beautifully crowned with a beautiful tricolor ribbon and actually becomes a beautiful and tasty ambassador of French gastronomy in London. Name ” Budget House »And all the attributes of its logo were simultaneously registered in the International Trademark Register.

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