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Eksplosjon og brann i Göteborg.

The bomber struck shortly after noon in front of a rally in central Gothenburg. Says Tony Stromberg, operations manager at the Swedish Ambulance Service B4 Gothenburg Up to 20 and 25 people are taken to the hospital.

Stromberg says some injuries are considered serious.

Says one resident Aftonbladet Many people fled from the apartments and into a backyard using bound sheets.

At the same time, first aid is provided in three stages, according to emergency services in Greater Gothenburg.

– We’re evicting people. According to Lars Jostelius from the rescue service for TT, smoke is high in apartments.

Jumped from the balcony

A resident, says Christopher B4 Gothenburg He heard a noise while he was sleeping in his apartment.

– You just heard people screaming. When I looked out the stairs, the smoke came out of the apartment and we realized we had to get out of here, he says.

An apartment fire in Sweden

Large smoke growth in the fire.

Photo: Björn Larsson Rosvall / tt / NTB

Says another resident Jessica Göteborgs-Posten She woke up to a noise at 04.30. She had to jump off the balcony for safety.

We thought we could go down the stairs because we live so low, but it didn’t work. Instead, we jumped from the balcony and got help from a neighbor who came downstairs, Jessica says.

There are 17 units in the emergency services, 12 of which are ambulances. Residents were evacuated to a nearby church Aftonbladet. According to SVT Väst There are hundreds of residents.

Explosion in Gothenburg

The area around the apartment is besieged.

Photo: Björn Larsson Rosvall / tt / NTB

Do not control the fire

According to police, an investigation has been launched into the so-called public destruction, and the extent of the damage is not clear.

It is not clear what exploded and where it exploded, but police believe it happened in an apartment.

The eruption was so powerful that it is not currently possible to say exactly where it occurred, John Pyle explains to Swedish radio at a rescue service in Gothenburg. He says they still have no control over the fire.

However, a reporter on SVT’s site said the explosion may have taken place inside or near a sports shop.

The NRK has previously written about how criminal gangs often use explosives to attack each other. In 2019, more than 200 bombs exploded in Sweden.

Explosion in Gothenburg

Emergency services are on at a building in Annette, Gothenburg, where an explosion occurred.

Photo: SVT / SVT

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