First blow to the sun in view of the camp!

Chris Paul et Devin Booker avec les Suns

In last year’s final, the Suns had a great season with Chris Paul and Devin Booker. Even if the product is not the best, they intend to do it again. The owner has just got the first step, however soon everything will be back to normal.

Of last season’s biggest surprises, the Hawks can be quoted, but the first one definitely goes to the sun. Despite the arrival of Chris Paul, it was difficult for this team to beat the Lakers and reach the Grand Final. However, they did, despite failing to pick the best bucks in the process.

Whatever happens, it’s a big season for Arizona ownership. The problem is, the element of surprise no longer works. For this new season, CP3’s teammates are expected, so it will be necessary to further raise his game quality. Unfortunately this is the case for Booker, even if his product is not the best.

Phoenix Sons star Devin Booker will miss the start of training camp for next week due to health protocol.

A message we don’t want to see, especially very close to recovery. So what’s up with the Phoenix star? Yes, it is related to Govt. He recently confirmed in his stream, on the Twitch platform, that he was infected with the virus. He has some symptoms but everything seems to be fine.

Devin Booker confirmed the presence of COVID-19 in his stream. It’s been a week but he’ll be back in a while. The worst thing for him is no more taste and smell. He did not want to indicate whether he had been vaccinated or not.

If Devin Booker is not vaccinated, keep in mind that he or she must comply with a number of rules developed in New York or San Francisco. Although nothing is possible in the future, Phoenix did not choose the mandatory vaccine. We hope the back will return quickly in any case.

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