Was Step Charcoal frustrated at the Warriors front office?

Stephen Curry a les yeux rivés sur le record de 3 points de Klay Thompson

When the Warriors were so low in the summer, Steff Curry might have gotten a little more fussy. When asked for his opinion, the leader gave a strange answer anyway.

Not qualifying for last year’s playoffs, the Warriors have things to settle for this season. Step Curry is expected at the turn, while Clay Thompson’s arrival will replace many elements on the ground. Unfortunately, as Shams Sarania confirms, We have to be patient.

While waiting to find the start of the season, Taps already find themselves in a soft position. Andrew blames Wiggins, who refuses to be vaccinated. With the new rules in place, the Canadian could severely cripple his team. We imagine that this situation should not impress many in California.

For Warriors, recruitment may not be a bad idea. There were actually signaturesBut there is nothing surprising in the menu. Taps may have taken action, especially with the draft selections, but the executives refused. Questioned? Don’t blow up already substantial wages.

What a frustration Steff Curry In person? The leader never hid it, he believed in a small act this summer, why not a star. Again, the Golden State had the means to trigger something. So when asked if he discussed it with his leaders, his answer was different.

If you do not have these discussions, it means you should not try. We will say it that way.

Clearly, Carrie did not discuss the arrival of a star with her leaders. Disappointed with the dual MVP, he would have wanted to get some reinforcement in the summer. A strong gesture from the front office, which may have indicated a desire to search for a topic. But other than Ben Simmons’ surprise, it won’t happen.

Was Steff Curry disappointed with his team’s lack of ambition? This is not the first time it has come back. Point Guard did not like the Warriors’ summer and began to make it public. If there are no results, it is likely to be tumultuous.

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