The new James Bond will be released next week

The new James Bond will be released next week

Endless wait for fans of the world-famous spy: Delayed by epidemic, the new James Bond, “Wait for the Die”, is presented in London next week, the last chance to save the planet for Daniel Craig.

Before putting his tuxedo on the shelf, the 53-year-old British actor will be tested: chases, explosions, shooting … Trailer 007 marks an intense chapter full of stunts and gadgets in pure tradition. .

With a delay of one and a half years due to the epidemic, the film will be released on the world stage on Tuesday at the Royal Albert Hall in London, two days before its release in British theaters, and then on October 6 in France.

In this case, the producers are Michael G. Wilson, Barbara Broccoli and director Gary Joji Fukunaka (“Beasts of No Nation”, “True Detective”) stars Daniel Craig, Rami Malek and Leah Seidux and singer Billy.

Along with these stars and princes Charles and William, caregivers were invited to discover the image in the Valuable Performance Hall to thank them for the work they did during the epidemics.

– “Injured animal” –

In the film, the character discovered by writer Ian Fleming leaves his activities in the Secret Service and enjoys a well-deserved rest in Jamaica.

A silence was interrupted when Felix Litter, an old friend of the CIA, came to him for help in rescuing a kidnapped scientist.

Upon returning to work, the most famous agent in Her Majesty’s service had to work with a new and “unarmed” co-worker, played by Britain’s Lashana Lynch. She immediately warns him: “If you block my way, I will put a bullet in your knee.”

In front of them, a mysterious foe fitted with high-tech weapons, the American Rami Malek of Egyptian descent won the 2019 Oscar for Best Actor for his portrayal of singer Freddie Mercury.

“Specter” captures the first bond, explained by psychologist Madeleine Swann, Frenchman Leah Cedox, and seems to have things to hide.

Filmed in Italy and Jamaica in particular, the Opus, 007 is “a kind of wounded animal that struggles with its past as a secret agent,” director Gary Joji Fukunaka described last year in a video by distributor Universal Pictures.

According to the director, this is a “race” for James Bond, “not only to save the world, but to save those he loves”.

Actress and screenwriter Phoebe Waller-Bridge (“Flyback”) was hired to improve the portrayal of women in the film, a way of responding to criticism of the sexuality of some of the rights works.

Originally scheduled for March 2020, the release of this 25th episode of Secret Agent Adventures has been postponed several times due to epidemics. So its release is eagerly awaited by the fans but also the cinema operators who want to fill the theaters after the prison.

“We know it’s too late, but it’s important for us to release this film at a time when fans need to see James Bond: on the big screen,” Michael de Luca confirmed last month, director of films for MGM Studios, which recently bought Amazon for $ 8.45 billion (8 8 billion).

The last installment of James Bond’s Adventures, “Specter”, was released in late 2015, bringing in more than $ 880 million in receipts worldwide, according to the special magazine.

That same year, Daniel Craig again said he would rather “cut his nerves” than play James Bond.

The actor said in a Radio Times interview this week that it was a joke. By that time he had finished a hard shoot, in which he broke his leg and explained that he “needed a break”.

The next or next 007 exam is a mystery.

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