The Mayans built the pyramid after the largest volcanic eruption in the United States

Les Mayas ont construit de nombreuses pyramides monumentales et ont utilisé des matériaux volcaniques. © Microstocker, Adobe Stock

When archaeologists look at man’s response to natural disasters, their discoveries are astounding. This is the behavior of the Mayans after the eruption of the volcano.

In 539 AD, the Volcano Named Deora Blanca Joanne, located in San Andres, El Salvador Explosion. This rash is seen The biggest of the Holocene happened in the United States. In fact, the volcano emitted 43.8 cubic kilometers of defra into the air causing global climate cooling.Northern Hemisphere During the half of VIe Century AD Defra volcanic material made of ash, bombs To do) And stones Bones.

A Recently published in the journal Journal Antiquity Indicates the results of analyzes of its impact Volcanic eruption On the local Mayans but on the Mayan civilization as a whole. Until then, there were two hypotheses about their response to this rash.

There were two hypotheses about the Mayan response to this eruption

At first it was said that the population was declining The community collapsed This rash is immediate, but due to the long-term effects. However, this hypothesis is based on the previous date of the eruption and its supporters noted that people in the nearby area have not been resettled. Rash Only a century or two after the catastrophe. The second hypothesis, which assumes that an eruption occurred in 539 AD, states that the restoration of society took place very quickly following the eruption. According to this hypothesis, much of western El Salvador was resettled in the middle of VIIe Century and projects Construction The monumental buildings were completed.

The pyramid of ashes … in a flash of lightning

Archaeologist Akira Ichikawa conducted archeological and dating analyzes in San Andres, about 40 kilometers from the volcano. Researchers say a monumental architectural project was launched at the site between five and thirty years after the disaster.

A monumental architectural project was launched at the site five to thirty years after the disaster.

In addition, most of this construction was done with defraExplosion. The author notes that in order to restore a social and political order in the disaster area, it was decisive to carry out such a project, which would require investment on the part of all and a tremendous amount of work.

The monument consists of a platform (85 x 65 m, 7 m high) with a pyramid (35 x 40 m, 13 m high). According to the author’s estimate, if construction had been carried out by 1,000 people who worked 60 days a year, the structure would have been completed in three years, which could have quickly built the 24,000 m structure.3.

In addition, the Volcanoes And the mountains were sacred places in Mesoamerica. So constructions with defra may have very powerful religious or cosmological meanings among these people.

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