Lockers GM’s statement “pressure” on Anthony Davis!

Le gros ajustement d'Anthony Davis depuis son retour NBA

After a somewhat complicated season, Anthony Davis is looking forward to the turnaround for this 2021-2022 fiscal year. Lockers general manager Rob Belinka, in particular, issued a statement that put a lot of pressure on the former Pelicans.

36 mini-games, permanent physical ailments or almost half-mast figures, compared to the first season in Los Angeles. Anthony Davis Coming out of a slightly slower season like the overall Lakers. Tired of injury problems, AD solidified his summer and surrounded himself with new people, with the same goal: to break everything in a few weeks.

A goal that comes at the right time, because this is what Rob Bellinga expects from his insides. Facing the press, Angelinho praised GM Davis for setting the bar so high …

AD works quietly. He knew what he had to do. We’ve seen him a few times (in recent weeks, the author’s note) and everyone can see how hard he worked and how serious he is. When you have his mood, I think he has 2 main goals for the season. Definitely winning the title first. He always talks about it. Second, he knows he is the most dominant player and the best two-way debate in the league.

I think he has the qualities, he worked hard this summer, which is why I think he is going to achieve both of those things this season.

In other words: Rob Belinga expects both Davis to be champions with the Lakers this year, and has highlighted himself as the most dominant two-way player in the league. Kavi Leonard And others. An entire program.

If Belinga allows himself to have such expectations, he will know he has a gem in his hands. No one has ever questioned the incredible qualities of AD, which is almost unique to a player of his size in history. However, her problem is a persistent problem known to all: being healthy. If he wins this year, the Lakers season will vary drastically.

However, no one can deny that the former Pelicans have made every effort to improve the situation. This has been the case recently Davis was found to be physically altered, which did not fail to react to coach Vogue.

Anthony Davis knows this: A comeback is expected this season. The single eyebrow worked well all summer and is ready to close the mouth. Anyway, Rob Belinga is not worried.

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