When a Tesla fan owns more than six million shares

When a Tesla fan owns more than six million shares

Cocoan Leo, a Sino-American billionaire and fan of Tesla, the famous automobile brand created by Elon Musk, explained that he has 6.2 million shares or $ 4.6 billion in his Twitter account, making him the company’s third largest shareholder.

A “fan of Elon Musk”, the millionaire, a graduate of Columbia University, founded SHI International Corp in 1989, a company specializing in data processing that pushed him into a very private club. . The head of investor relations at Martin Wichita has confirmed this incredible information, although no document has confirmed this claim. So, Kokuan Leo will be behind Elon Musk and Larry Ellison (co-founder of Tesla) in the shareholder rankings.

Rather than wanting to stop there, the billionaire explained that he would continue to buy shares in Tesla and raise capital to raise another million in 2022.

The only problem with this story: the brand recently suffered some setbacks in terms of the reliability of the so-called “fully autonomous” cars, and was even considered “irresponsible” by US authorities.

This question predicts fluctuations in Tesla stock prices and will cause the brand’s biggest fan to lose money. I hope this is a small passing crisis for the millionaire, who one day decided to overtake Elon Musk.

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