Vivaldi Space Test: 20 volunteers in water beds for five days

Vivaldi Space Test: 20 volunteers in water beds for five days

This is the first female dry diving test in Europe and the second in the world

The European Space Agency (ESA) news service BTA quoted 20 volunteers as being tested this week at the Medes space clinic in Toulouse, France, and will spend five days in water beds.

During the study, the women covered the containers, such as the bathtub, with waterproof material to protect them from getting wet. In the experiment, the women experienced a weightlessness similar to the flying sensation experienced by astronauts at the International Space Station.

In Europe it was the first “dry immersion” experiment and the second in the world to be conducted entirely on women. ESA organized the Vivaldi study to provide missing scientific data on the impact of weight loss on gender.

“Women in this field of science have almost no knowledge of the physiological and psychological impact. This study of dry immersion, conducted entirely on women, complements data obtained from studies on men in Europe and Russia.”Said Angelique van Ombergen, who heads ESA’s science program.

Volunteers will make limited movements in a monotonous environment and experience changes in body fluids and movement, as well as the sensation of their body. The results will be used to study the impact of space travel and motor disorders on stable or elderly patients on Earth.

Due to the lack of weight, the body of the astronaut loses the density of bones and muscles, changes in vision are felt, and fluids flow to the brain. Discovering ways to protect health in orbit is one of the most important areas of research in space travel.

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