Ryder Cup: America started first

43rd Ryder Cup - Morning Foursome Matches

Is this a premonition? However, the United States has taken the lead in the 43rd edition of the Rider Cup, which will be played on the Whistle Straits course. After the first four Four people (Two players on the same team alternate blows), Steve Striker’s team often took the lead (3-1) and seemed to control the situation.

We will be careful not to learn too much from this hot lap. But this year, it is clear that Americans are doing well in their subjects. Focuses. Motivation. Apparently similarity and similarity. And, at the same time, the Europeans during this early round revealed a clear weakness created by Rory McIlroy and Ian Poulter. Newcomers Featuring Olympic champion Sander Scoutcell and FedEx Cup winner Patrick Cantley.

During the doubles session this morning (in Wisconsin), only the Spanish duo, along with Jon Ram (World No. 1) and Sergio Garcia (Mr. Ryder Cup) provided a point to create the old continent by dominating the Jordan Speed ​​(shot on hole 17) and Justin Thomas. The other pair (Westwood-Fitzpatrick and Casey-Howland) fell to Koipka-Berger and Johnson-Morikova.

The weekend is obviously the longest (Saturday 8 doubles and Sunday 12 singles). We know from experience that in this match-play format, reversals are almost normal. But it is clear that Europe must raise the level of its game to retain its trophy and behind the scenes, Captain Badrek Harrington must come up with the right words to unleash the warlike nature of his men. Opening

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