LA Angels: A “food fight” turns into a violent fight

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The pot lid appeared again on the bleachers of an MLP stadium. At a recent meeting, several LA Angels fans cowardly attacked another spectator.

Food and drinks were launched. Beaten. According to what has been learned TMZ game, Involuntarily injured the hand of a woman who was engaged in a struggle.

Looking at these pictures, the poor only wanted to save the martyrs.

Shame on you.

Shoaib Ohtani will not be proud of you children.

Also according to TMZ, seven people were arrested, including two minors for assault and battery. They should try to justify their behavior before a judge. Good luck.

If their followers do not change their attitude, the angels must change their name to the devil.

Many fights in LA

In the world of sports, sons have recently touched each other on more than one occasion in the Los Angeles area.

On the Chargers side, the fight ended on Sept. 19 in a large pool adjacent to Sophie Stadium’s parking lot.

In the end, the Dallas Cowboys took the lead. On the floor and outside.

(proof’s: TMZ game, Avocado side effect)

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