Giannis reacts to James Horton’s famous manipulation

Giannis honnête sur le duo James Harden/Kevin Durant NBA

Competitors at the Eastern Conference, Gianni Antodocompo and James Horton, are not best friends in the world. Last year, the bearded man barely coped with the Greek freak who was recently questioned on the matter.

Every MVP selected for the regular season has at some point in their lives, Giannis Antedocounbo And James Horton is one of the best in the NBA. Their wars in the East have always been bitter, and from the controversial comments of the Nets star a few months ago. As a reminder, the former rocket said here:

I also like to be 2m10, able to run and squat. This does not require any specific skills. I have to have special skills and learn them, I like it clearly.

The report caused quite a stir at the time, although Zionis did not really bother to respond. While working on Cosmode TV recently, Greece was asked about this and he gave a brief answer:

In Horton’s statement, Gianni Antodocounpo: “Already, Horton never mentioned my name. I saw this video a year later. What he thought, if he too was 2m10, would have been easier for him if he had run and drowned.

As you can see, it was liked by the “tongue in cheek” option freak. Given the hype surrounding Horton’s comments at the time, it’s hard to believe that Giannis discovered it a year later … Bucks star’s attitude is understandable: he’s at the top of the NBA world, MVP, champion and not fueling controversy much. Anyway, the pictures speak for themselves …

Giannis Antedogounbo does not want to erupt volcanoes. He is on the roof of the league, not looking for controversy. Only one thing interests him: success.

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