Sports Illustrated drops the top 15 players, fans are boiling!

Milwaukee Bucks and Los Angeles Clippers are two NBA superstars, Gianni Antodocounbo and Kavi Leonard

Carrot Elwood / Kevin C. Cox

It’s fashionable during the off-season, with various media releasing rankings of the best players on the planet … and so on. BetweenVersion, fans were taken to social networks ahead of the queue established by Sports Illustrated!

This off-season all the media starts one by one in the ranking of the best players on the planet, and every time, whatever the outcome, internet users will find a way to revolt against this particular subjective rank because the selection criteria are rare. Revealed. And this season marks a turning point LeBron James Forced to leave his throne.

This is not where the controversy comes in the latest rankings released Game ChartAt 36, even after a season marked by injuries, fans are well aware that King no longer needs to be at the pinnacle of his game. The first two shone during the last playoffs, especially in their direct confrontation.

So frankly, being at the top of this list is not Kevin Durant, people are jumping on him, although some may fail to remember hitting his dolphin in the playoffs … No, it annoyed the fans, and it was non-existent above all else. Kyrie Irving, Coming out separately from his best season, and in 10th place Kavi LeonardIt comes out of a monumental playoff campaign. Despite the injury, the double MVP of the final was very considerable …

Oyster at 10 mdr. He was the best player on the planet during the playoffs. Injuries do not affect players much.

Peel above the gills It’s fun

Kyrie Irving is not in the top 15 காவி Leonard is in 10th place due to a knee injury, here are two results of the fight with the fans. These rankings are made to speak anyway.

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