Rune Factory 5: Late Release Date Expected for RPG’s Arrival in Europe and North America

Rune Factory 5: Late Release Date Expected for RPG's Arrival in Europe and North America

Wonderful In 2018 a switch revealed the port and killed two birds with one stone Rune Factory4 And the fifth chapter on the same platform. Rune Factory 4 Special It could have arrived here in 2020 (and will also be coming to PC, PS4 and Xbox One soon), but Rune Factory5 Available only in Japan since last May.

What about Western countries, where an outburst in 2021 is specified for a limited time? Rune Factory5 It will be too late on our continent, but we now know what to expect thanks to the revelations of the past Nintendo Live. Get stock and management Switch to Europe on March 25, 2022, And since the 22nd in North America.

In the small border town of Rigbard, strange events take place that affect the runs that cause the balance between mankind and nature …

As the new guard of the seat of the peacekeeping organization, you protect the frontier city by capturing the problem monsters with the magical seal that the seed has given you. Once your homework is done, you work with the people of Rickford and help the city grow through the harvest, festivals and new encounters!

The quiet balance will be erratic, however, and it will be time to prove yourself. Embark on a great adventure with other local people: Uncover the mysteries that rule the land and develop your hidden powers to prevent the world’s closet chaos.

  • A RPG full of action and wild fights
    • Go to the vast woods with your friends from Rickford and unleash powerful and dazzling collective attacks to promote teamwork and strategy.
  • You have never seen an imaginary farm like this
    • Suppress the monsters and make them help you on your farm. Grow all kinds of crops on the backs of real dragons!
  • Relax in your new home for a while
    • Take a break from your adventures and enjoy the pleasant pace of city life. Invite your girlfriend to take part in cooking, craft and fishing competitions or to see the stars by your side during one of Rickford’s many seasonal festivals.
  • Find your other half
    • Make new friends and get to know Rickbart individuals by following their personal stories to the end. Find love, ask questions and start a family!

Pre-orders Rune Factory5 Already open: You can book your copy At 49.99

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