How To Use Windows Or Mac On Chromebook | Kismodo Japan

How To Use Windows Or Mac On Chromebook |  Kismodo Japan

Now you can play with your company Win or Mac on your Chromebook!

Very easy to set up. If you keep this in mind, you can turn on your Study Mac with a Chromebook in your living room or access your company’s Windows PC from your company’s Chromebook.

Let’s take a look at the steps when watching a lovely video on a Chromebook.

Video: Kismodo Japan / YouTube

Use the crossover

Windows and Mac software are not yet compatible with Chrome OS. GooglePreparationHowever, if you want to play with it now, you can pay for it.Crossover.Japanese Commentary) Recommended for emulator.However, it can currently run on ChromebookWindows software onlyThere is.

Use Chrome Remote Desktop

Image: Google

You can not download Windows or Mac software on your Chromebook, but if you make a separate Windows or Mac PC and connect it to the Internet, Google ExtensionsChrome Remote DesktopPossibility of remote control from Chromebook (for free). You can display the remote PC screen in the Chrome browser tab and work as if you were sitting in front of a computer.

To use this, the following products are required in advance on the connection target PC page.

  • 1. In the Chrome browserChrome Remote Desktop PageOpen your Google Account and sign in
  • 2. Select “Access your computer”
  • 3. Click the “On” button in “Set Remote Access”
  • 4. Give your computer a name that is easy to remember
  • 5. Enter the 6-digit PIN required to open your computer via the Internet or WiFi and click “Start”.
  • 6. When the device is displayed “Online”, the system is done.
  • 7. You can change the name and PIN with the pen icon and delete it with the trash can icon.
20210920 on the chrome_top of windows
Opens Windows in the Chrome OS tab
Screenshot: Chrome OS

After connecting the PCs (Windows and MacOS, Chromebook can be paired with Chrome), you can also select the trusted link (if you select it, you do not need to enter a second or second pin).“Confirm / Edit”Click Change.

After setting up, back to the original ChromebookChrome Remote Desktop PageTry to open. Information about all synced devices will be stored in your Google Account, where you can see which PCs you have access to. When you press “Access PC”, a list of pre-configured Windows and MacOS PCs will be displayed. Select the corresponding PC and enter the PIN code and attach.

Session options are displayed in tabs, which allow you to create a fullscreen on your Windows or Mac or choose the display size on your browser tab. You can switch files between devices and switch between Windows and MacOS (if more than one) screens.

20210920 Windows_Chromebook
This option is also available for remote connection
Screenshot: Chrome OS

There are tips as well

Of course, the connected PC must be turned on when the power is on. Also, to ensure a stable Internet connection, close the connection destination and other streaming applications at the connection source.

With the steps above, you can do anything you can with Photoshop, file system access, Office, Windows or MacOS while you’ve on your Chromebook. NetflixOrSpotifyIt may not be very smooth when viewed, but the tasks on the system are usually timely, and you can simulate input like PrtScr just like a connected PC.

During remote access, that effect will be reported to the connected PC, so you do not have to worry about access to unknown locations. If you want to block remote access from your Chromebook, click “Disconnect” in the Options tab or close your browser window.

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