Elvira: We present to you the mistress of darkness who announced her lesbian relationship

Elvira: We present to you the mistress of darkness who announced her lesbian relationship

American pop cultural icon, Cassandra Peterson Wow “Elvira, the mistress of darkness,” he reveals in his memoirs that he was in a relationship with a woman. A unique portrait that holds an identity of generational fear.

Choir horror lovers already had a lesbian icon named Sarah PaulsonAmerican horror story. Now they have Elvira. Also, for those under the age of twenty, who is LV? However, across the Atlantic, his name is on everyone’s lips. Undoubtedly holding the title of “Mistress of Darkness” since playing the title role in the 1988 film, her character is terrifying and historical, and has since become ingrained in popular American culture. So inevitably, Cassandra Peterson, who played Elvira, released her memoirs on September 21, in which she announced that she had been in a relationship with a woman for 19 years, and the news caused a stir. His character in particular was known to appreciate men. This is why the star explains that Theresa is reluctant to reveal her lesbian love affair with ‘T’ Veerson.

Elvira McCabe, Pitch And exotic

For Cassandra Peterson, the meeting was a revelation. Initially, while training in a gym, she also picked up Theresa for a man “Darkness and Culture”However, with “Intense energy”. Then she found it “Bad boy sexy” Actually a former bodybuilder, track runner and cyclist. But even “Incredibly gentle person, despite her tough exterior”, Details in her book by Cassandra Peterson. Two young women are approaching to make friends. An intense friendship that helped the artist through his divorce from Mark Pearson, whom he had been married to for 25 years. Finally, she “Appears to love this beautiful androgenous creature [sa] Like an angel, I carry on when I need someone.

A moving love story, okay, but in France, those who know the Queen of Horror must recognize that it is rare. Still, his character deserves to be known, and Halloween fans are likely to fall in love with him. Elvira was first named to the weekly horror film show, Elvira’s film is Macabre. From 1981 to 1985, the channel’s viewers KHJ He will delight in his teasing and satirical comments about the scary world of Los Angeles. What makes her famous is her long low-cut gothic dress that especially emphasizes her big breasts. You have to imagine the version of Mortisia Adams Back-up A wonderful and important sauerkraut.

“When I need a room pot, you can get out from under the bed!”

So, Elvira has a whole aesthetic, sense of humor and brilliance. The film in which she is the heroine, Elvira, Mistress of Darkness, Born in 1988. Directed by James Signorrell, it forms the sulfur star of a horror TV show that has acquired a haunted house in the depths of the UK. We can at least say that his personality turns the lives of the villagers upside down.

The film manages to entertain as well as inform: “Hey, big wine, when I need a room pot, you can get out from under the bed!”, Should go out as soon as the opportunity arises. Another, many thought while watching What we did to the good God, For example: “Do you know what the problem is with this film? Let me tell you where it is: the film is an hour and a half long! “. Otherwise, we fell in love with this punchline released to a TV presenter when asked if there was anything capable of insulting Elvira: “Yeah, dress like you to a party for the blind!” Perfect copy of the case Slutshaming In your clothes.

Elvira in video games, comics and pinball

Following the film, the character entertains the American people a lot, which is available in video games or even in the backseat. If you haven’t noticed yet while playing “Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare”, Elvira is on the “Attack of Radioactive Matter” on the Zombie Map. She comes out of the screen to hunt down the pages of many comics. And these are not small beers as they are released DC Comics, Eclipse Comics Or Claypool Comics. The most recent date since 2018 and signed Dynamite Entertainment.

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A show, a movie, games, comics, Elvira even recorded a Christmas album. You may have seen it at another monument in the United States. The Simpsons. In French she was often inspired by the character of Poperella, Nibarella or Dowdonella. Needless to say the choice of these nicknames … with that, it is no surprise that Elvira Mama Sam is coming to the country and has a wide echo in the cultural fields. So when will Sarah Paulson’s pinball machine be available for her living room?

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