Romain Grosjean, the French pilot who was severely attacked in the United States

Romain Grosjean, the French pilot who was severely attacked in the United States

Young people retiring from Formula 1 are definitely enjoying a particularly exciting and promising American life. At Laguna Seka, he was particularly bold ahead.

Romain Crossgene left the Formula 1 World Championship at the end of the 2020 season, having been on stage ten times at the end of a busy career. Also winning the GP2 and FIA GT1 Championship and the Andros Trophy, Romain Croszine is now racing in Indigo on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean.

And in his first season, the Frenchman performs very well. Currently at the top of the rookie rankings (at the start), he has signed on to a new platform in the last round of the popular Laguna Seka circuit. At the end of the race, he was particularly brave ahead of Jimmy Johnson, who was hiding in the most famous corner of the layout.

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The author of the more complex Breaking, he put Jimmy Johnson at the top of “Corksrow”. Sent, Johnson had to let him slip towards his teammate who was trying to catch him in front of the race. Romain Grosjean later apologized for not being so muscular in his front.

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