Bolzano and entourage have been isolated after contacting the affected minister

Bolzano and entourage have been isolated after contacting the affected minister

Official sources said on Wednesday that the Brazilian president, Jair Bolzano, and the delegation that accompanied him to New York to the United Nations General Assembly would be in solitary confinement after contacting the aspiring and affected minister.

According to Special Secretary for Social Communications Andr Costa, the full presidential committee of about 50 people was instructed to adhere to social isolation in the face of the infection of Brazilian Health Minister Marcelo Guerrero. Covit-19 in the final stages of the New York voyage.

“The entire group returning to Brazil is asymptomatic and should be observed according to this guide [guia epidemiológico para o novo coronavírus do Ministério da Saúde], Will be in solitary confinement for a new RT-PCR test on the 5th day after the last contact with Marcelo Giro (Tuesday), “Andre Costa explained at a news conference.

The secretary insisted that if the test done on the 5th day was negative, “the person will be released from loneliness and will be with a doctor until the 14th day”.

According to Costa, Polsonaro will “follow the tips” to be “completely asymptomatic” and socially isolated at his official residence, Palacio da Alvorada in Brasilia.

According to the indicated secretary,

In addition to the ministers and advisers, this group is called the “advanced level” in which officials, bodyguards and diplomats travel in advance and prepare all the logistics for the trip.

Brazilian health officials today recommended the isolation of Jair Bolsanaro and his accompanying UN General Assembly after a positive test for Health Minister Govit-19.

In a note sent to the President of the Republic, the National Institutes of Health (ANVISA) forwarded the current recommendation for these cases, indicating 14 days of isolation for all committee members in contact with Guerrero.

Ricardo Barros, the head of government in the House of Representatives, said that after a recommendation isolated by regulators, Jair Bolsanaro canceled a trip to the state of Paran next Friday.

The head of the health portfolio, who had already received two doses of the vaccine against Covit-19, arrived in New York on Sunday on a flight with Jair Bolsanaro and other members of the Brazilian delegation. The next 14 days. In New York, after a positive test shortly before returning to Brazil on Tuesday.

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